Choosing The Perfect Pomeranian Clothes

Clothing for small dogs is becoming very fashionable, but dog clothes have practical purposes too. Protecting your Pom from the elements is important, but stylish Pomeranian clothes can also help him look cool. Your Pom is a star and there’s no reason he shouldn’t look just as stylish as the Hollywood stars dogs do.

Protecting your dog from the bitter cold is one practical reason for dog clothing. Just because your Pom has a lot of hair doesn’t mean that he can’t get cold on a harsh winter day. Even the thickest coat is penetrable and your Pomeranian will appreciate something snuggly over the top of what nature has already given him. How much time he spends outdoors will affect how much the cold bothers him, but it is better to give him a bit of extra warmth since he cannot tell you if he is suffering from the cold.

When it comes to Pomeranian clothing, there is something for everyone. You can find everything from sweaters and dresses to coats and even booties. You can get party clothes, something pink and glittery perhaps if your Pomeranian is a girl, or a groovy rock sweater if he is a boy. Dogs seem to quite like being dressed up and appreciate the protection from the elements. You want to go slowly the first time you put a piece of clothing on our Pomeranian as they will not be used to it, but after a fashion it won’t bother them at all. Always check the clothing to make sure there are no loose pieces he could chew off or that could get wrapped around a leg or his neck. The simpler the clothing the better.

Most Pomeranian clothes manufacturers keep safety in mind when designing outfits. You can get reflective coats which are handy if you are out walking. Little dog boots can help keep your pets paws clean as well as protect them from the elements You can get rain slickers for dogs too, and hats to protect them from the fierce rays of the sun. If your Pomeranian like to romp in the woods, a coat will also help keep burrs off his fur and save you the trouble of having to try to get them out.. Nylon coats are great for keeping your dog dry, but you want to also get one that has a fleece lining to keep your pet snug.

When buying clothes for your Pomeranian, it is imperative that you make sure the outfit fits well and that there is room for him to do his business. Try buying clothes that are designed especially for Pomeranians for the best fit.

For a real doggie treat that will be greatly appreciated, have a look at the wide range of Pomeranian clothes available today.

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