Renew Your Garage Surface With Garage Floor Paint

After a few years of use, a new coat of garage floor paint can bring a new luster to its appearance and help protect it from pitting and crumbling. Especially in an area of cold weather where salt is used on roads and then makes it into your garage.

There are several paint companies that make and distribute quality garage floor paint and they are normally available in water base or oil base and can be found in several colors. Many are light or dark based and can be mixed to the color of your choice. They are also available in pre-mixed colors usually silver or grey.

The main ingredient in using garage floor paint is preparation of the garage floor to insure the paint stays on the surface. Simply buying a couple gallons of paint and rolling it onto the floor will not get the job done correctly. Planning to apply a new coat of floor paint will take time and effort to do it right.

Etching Concrete Properly Prepares Surface

The first step before using garage floor paint should be to use a quality cleaner and degreaser to remove any oils and dirt from the surface. This type product, used full strength, will remove such surface oils as transmission fluid, motor oil, antifreeze or gear oils from cars and bikes that build up over time.

Now that you have a clean floor and you decide to go ahead with using garage floor paint, you will need to use a concrete etcher and rust remover to insure an adequately clean surface on which to paint. This type product will remove rust stains and any deep stains to prepare the surface for a fresh coat of garage floor paint.

When using either the degreaser or etching products, always wear protective clothing as well as eye protection to avoid any personal injuries from the products. You should also have plenty of fresh water available for thoroughly rinsing the floor once you are done. In addition, always work towards any available drain to avoid puddle from forming, making drying difficult.

If your garage floor does not have a drain, or slopes towards the yard, you will want to protect any grass or plants from the solutions. Wet the vegetation thoroughly and cover it with plastic before starting. This will provide the needed protection to reduce the possibility of killing the grass or plants. If you are careful, your plants won’t be damaged.

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