Make Money on eBay – Higher Fuel Costs can mean Higher Sales!

Often there are marketing opportunities that a seller fails to recognize. If that opportunity is not recognized there is little chance to use that opportunity to the seller’s advantage. Yet had that opportunity been recognized it may have meant that the seller can make money on eBay.

One of those market opportunities has been emerging over the last many months. That opportunity; fuels costs! For some sellers higher fuel costs can be an opportunity to make money on eBay.

Fuel prices continue to creep ever higher and higher. As they continue their incredible climb use the opportunity to grow your sales and to make money on eBay. Here is a chance to save shoppers from having to make that $10.00 or $15.00 trip to purchase the very same or at least similar item as you sell on eBay.

There are a couple of ways to remind prospective buyers of the potential savings. Add a comment to your item listings. You could also consider trying a sub-title on your auction listings. In either case simply add a brief statement about saving money on fuel by buying from you. You could also entice bidders by providing free shipping on items, or if they buy a certain number of items for FREE shipping. (You would need to create a combined invoice for that buyer that includes FREE shipping.) The number of options is really limited only by your imagination. All lead to you having the opportunity to make money on eBay.

Take this opportunity to save your prospective buyers from spending that $10.00 or $15.00 on a trip. Show them how purchasing from you not only saves that money, but that they can get a price that is much lower than the MSPR! Make money on eBay by saving your buyers from high fuel costs.

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