Swimming Pool Safety Covers and Accessory Advice For Kids

A swimming pool can be a very hazardous place for people and animals of any age, but is especially dangerous where children are involved. As a swimming pool owner you have to be aware of the risks and take extra precautions especially for the sake of children.

Here are a few swimming pool safety tips for parents of kids.

It Is Never All Right To Leave Your Child Unattended – Ever. no matter what the age, you should never leave your child in the pool unattended without you or another responsible adult close by. Even if you just have to run to the restroom, or grab the phone. You don’t know what might happen in that couple minute you’re gone, and that’s really all it takes for something disastrous to happen.

Place a Fence Completely Around Your Pool – Separate the pool area from the yard and play area. Most drowning accidents occur when young children slip and fall into a pool. Make sure the fence is at least 4 feet high, and the the self-latching gate is well out of reach, so that your child or children cannot open it without the help of a grown up. Setting clear ground rules for not going near the pool area will not be enough, because children often wish to test their boundaries with such things.

Remove All Toys — Make sure to remove all pool tools from the pool after you and your child are done swimming, and keep them out of their reach. Sometimes a young child who is left unsupervised near the pool will want to swim, even though you’re not around – making this as hard as possible will discourage this activity.

Instruction For Your Babysitters – Make sure your babysitters know the rules of the pool, and the safety measures that you have put in place – it’s a better idea to not allow your child to swim when your babysitter is there period, though, just in case.

Blow up’ Flotation Equipment Should Not Be Substitutes– Blow up flotation devices aren’t substitutes for a life vest. You can find many different color life vests, and ones that are very cute for young children to wear – ‘wings’, tubes, and other products are no substitute and should not be used when a child doesn’t have a life vest on.

Safety Covers

Having a secure swimming pool cover is an essential piece of equipment for swimming pool owners that have children. When purchasing a swimming pool cover, remember to ask your supplier about the locks and latches that come with it, these fillings should be flush to the side of the pool so that your child can not heart themselves on any protruding parts, they should also be child proof so that your child can not open the pool at any time when you are not around.

And Finally

Remember that your child isn’t resistant to water, and that drowning deaths in home pools and spas is the fifth leading cause of children under five. Always make safety a first priority with children, and remember to keep emergency equipment and a phone close at hand at all times.

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