Parent Reading Night

Inviting parents into your classroom allows you to build a relationship with them that is very important. Parents are a valuable resource to you as a classroom teacher, and once you develop that partnership, you’ll have a much easier year with the child and the parent. This can, and should, be a school-wide event, but if not, plan one for your class early in the year. Make sure to invite your Principal, and or Assistant Principal to participate in some way.

As part of planning your Parent Night, wait long enough that your students are set in their independent reading procedures, such as filling out their reading logs and the follow up materials when finished with a book. This way, they can then teach their parents.

You will need to set out reading logs and books for the parents to read. Some reading curriculums come with leveled books which are short and can be read in one sitting. If not, work with your school, and or local libraries to gather picture books for the event. The level of the book is really not the important factor here. Getting the parents involved in the child’s reading is the key factor in having this event.

Having a Parent Reading Night allows parents to come to the classroom and experience the procedures and routines that their child is learning from you. When the parents come, the student has the opportunity to be the expert and teacher.

The parents will need to come to the classroom and follow the procedure that the student follows. They will need to select a book, use their log, read, and then complete the follow up assessment activity. When the parent and child do this together, they too form or strengthen a relationship and partnership that is critical for their success in school. Parents are informed on what’s going on in the academic life of their child, and the child gets valuable time with their parents.

Parent Reading Night will hopefully lead to increased reading at home, as well as parent volunteers in your classroom. When the parents participate in a school program, they see the importance of what the children are doing and learning. Many parents may begin reinforcing this at home, especially if there are younger children in the house. Ay home reading night is established where the whole family takes an evening to read together or a nightly routine is established for reading. If nothing else, the parent at least realizes the importance of that class time and will support and encourage it, whenever possible.

Parent volunteers may start coming to your class to help out with those low level readers. Parents who do not necessarily want to work with your students, but still want to contribute, can help label new books for your class library, rotate Critics Corner papers, etc.

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