How to Eliminate Writers Block!

Has writers block stopped you from becoming a flourishing article author? Honestly every article author has had to overcome writers block. For reasons ranging from my mind is blank, to those kids are just too loud. Anything that distracts you and causes you to give up is writers block.

In this brief summary I am giving you the methods I personally use. Had I not just endured this experience personally I would have probably selected a different topic!

First off, don’t be afraid of that blank screen, it’s simply waiting for your words to fill it. If you’re already at this stage your in the wrong place anyway. Be prepared to write (sorry for the cliché but there it is), spend some time doing research of your chosen subject matter before you start writing. Notes will always help get you started properly.

Make yourself an outline, as detailed an outline as you can come up with. Worry about the title later. More than likely your headline will create itself. With a detailed outline writing is simple

Don’t procrastinate; this is my stumbling block as well. Don’t tell yourself, “I’ll come up with an idea tomorrow and put off my writing for another time”. That soap opera will wait and Oprah won’t miss you. (Sorry Oprah)

Side note- if you visit my site you will see a bunch of software and links, like most other sites Ipay my bills through advertising. The one piece of software I do use regularly for this step is writers block. Not because it’s a great inspirational tool, that’s what our brain is for. It organizes my notes for me into smaller pieces I can organize later. You can do the same thing with a paper and ink if you choose, my work space is usually too cluttered for me to find all my notes.

Don’t concern yourself with perfection, you are going to edit later. Once again your outline will provide inspiration. Try not making great expectations from your first draft; NOTE I used the word draft. It’s ok to write complete garbage, you’ll be able to refine it later. I find editing is much simpler that composing in any event.

Try to ignore the first sentence, write it later. One of the biggest obstacles in writing is the opening line. It’s best to use your notes; elaborate your article by filling in detail. With good notes writing is simple. DON’T overlook this step and your article will take care of itself. Writing can almost be an unconscious process; creativity will flow from your thoughts as you compose.

Write in short sessions, five or ten minutes is usually sufficient. You will find your imagination and focus much better. If your mind won’t let you quit so be it, although you will find your most inspired thoughts in the original few minutes of your composition.

Try to avoid distractions as much as possible. I know it’s tough and I don’t live in a fantasy word but unless the dog ate the cat you can allot yourself ten minutes.

Don’t criticize your self for writing gibberish, remember you can polish a stone. It starts out dull but with a little work it will shine! Adding small details and filling in a few blank will make the worst drafts into a finished article.

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