Easy Free Ways To Make Money

have found one of the best ways to make money that is free is to write and submit articles. In each article I include a bio box that is a classified ad about myself and my website. As you get better at doing this you will find it is easy to do and you can do it for free!

The concept of article writing is to provide your readers with useful information. If you write a quality article and write enough of them you will soon be able to establish yourself as an expert on what you write about which will help you start making money off of the articles you write.

This is why it is so important to not write crap. When you put your name on it your reader is evaluating you.

The end result of submitting articles to article directories is the amount of traffic to the your site and business. What you will find is that a well written article can be picked up by article directories, ezines, blog feeds, and other webmasters. This can give you quality back links and an endless stream of traffic for years to come.

Writing high quality articles is a big way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Why does this work? Because people go online for information and articles help provide that.

Benefits of Article Writing:

* Establishes you as an expert on chosen topic.

* Generates targeted traffic to your web site.

* Helps your site rank higher with search engines.

* Helps your site be more user friendly.

* Creates useful back links for future traffic.

If you are not sure how to start, or are scared to start writing articles, my advice is just like the Nike commercial. Just Do It. If you write like you talk then you will sound natural. Here are a few tips on getting started.

First of all determine what your main point of the article is going to be. The write a couple of potential headlines that answer your main point. If you were writing an article on losing weight you might title it “10 Tips To Lose Weight Naturally”, or “5 Quick Ways To Start Losing Weight Today.”

Next go online and do a Google search for “Ways To Lose Weight.” Quickly scan the results and find something that appeals to you. Start making a list of ways to lose weight. The add some text to each item on your list By doing a list approach to writing you can quickly come up with relevant words to match the main point and the title of your article.

Write a brief one or two word closing that summarizes your list and main point and you are done. Finally include a short bio on yourself and your website. This will be the way people can find out more about you and your products. Think of it as a short classified ad.

Spell check everything and check the word count. You can do that online by doing a Google search as well. You are looking for 400 word articles that you can start submitting ASAP. Repeat this process over and over and you will be on your way to an easy free way to make money that anyone can do.

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