No Fire Gets Manager Fired

Misty was an industrious young woman who worked at the local Movie Theater. She was 21 years old, and used the money she earned to help pay her tuition to a local college. She worked at different shifts sometimes late at night. She had friends at the theater that cared about her very much. Although, her parents were not too happy about her working late at night, they knew she had to learn independence.

Misty enjoyed her work, and had no problems, since she worked there. She frequently had to close the theater. Closing required her to work late into the night. One night while she was on the closing detail, she was completing her routine and was about to leave. One of the night managers, who she thought she knew pretty well, called her to the back of the theater. He said, I want to show you something you forgot to do.

She was use to this, since he routinely did a walk through before they left for the night. She thought, man he waits until the last minute everytime. She followed the manager to the very back of the theater. She thought, I have never been responsible for this area before, must be something new. There was a little office in the back and that is where they went. OK what do I have to do now, said Misty? The manager said, its time for you to show me how grateful you are for me hiring you.

What do you mean said Misty? He said, you know what I mean. She got really nervous and scared, because he she was alone with this man in the deepest depths of the theater and no one else was there. She knew what he wanted, but she was not about to comply. She had noticed the fire alarm pull switch on the wall as she entered the office. She ran toward it and pulled the switch.

The fire alarm was activated. The manager panicked and ran to the front of the theater. Misty escaped through one of the emergency exits. She reported the incident to her parents and the police. The manager was arrested. Misty sued the company for harassment and won.

Most jobs are safe. Most people just want to complete their work and go home. Others have alternative reasons for working in certain positions. They try to use their position to get other things from employees. It can even escalate to violence. Women are frequently the targets of harassment from superiors at work.

Many of them are approached in a sometimes forceful manner. Sometimes they feel they must comply or loose badly needed employment. Encounters by supervisors and others in positions of authority may lead to violence. Employees, especially women must have a plan in mind to defend themselves if approached in such a manner. Be aware of your surroundings; know what you can do to get help in a hurry.

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