Throw Out Your Brochure And Use Something That Sells

Do you have a brochure? Are you thinking of writing a brochure? Ask anybody and they’ll tell you that if you want to be in business you need a business card and a brochure. They’ll tell you that no one will take you seriously unless you have a brochure…It’s garbage.

Here’s a cold hard fact. No one cares about your brochure…In fact, no one will even read it. Yes, they’ll glance at it but they won’t really read it. They might keep it if it has your name and phone number but then it acts like a giant, very expensive business card not a selling tool. Why is this the case?

Because, brochures, as they are traditionally designed, provide no benefit or value to your prospect. Brochures tend to be filled with a lot of talk about the company and little that is relevant to the prospect. They explain what the business does, the products or services it provides, company history, or even a mission statement. What they don’t provide your prospect is the one thing that the prospect wants.

They want information that is relevant to them. They could care less about who founded the company or your mission statement. They want information that is important to their needs. A brochure doesn’t give them information that is relevant to the decisions that they make or problems that they may have. That’s why it’s going to get tossed into the trash.

If you want to provide your prospect with something that is valuable provide them with a report or a whitepaper. This will not only help in establishing your expertise and credibility it will also give your prospect something of value. Do you think they will thank you for giving them a brochure?

The other thing that you will find is that your prospect will hold on to the whitepaper or report if it’s well written. They will consider the report a valuable resource and may even refer to it periodically. Not only does it keep your name in front of your prospect but it makes sure that you are positioned in their mind as a resource.

Industrial companies frequently use whitepapers in their selling process but, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you are in, you can produce a report that has value to your prospects. If you’re a real estate agent why not produce a report that provides information for people that are buying a house. Tell them what questions to ask a seller, or what to look for when inspecting a house. Would that be better than giving them a Chicago Cubs schedule with your picture on it?

The other thing that a report or whitepaper can do that a brochure can’t is help you get new prospects. If you advertise via direct mail, the web, or space ads that you are giving away a free brochure then people will respond to get the report. These are hot prospects because they have an interest in what you are selling. They want more information about your type of service or product.

The key to making the prospects want to get the report is by developing a good headline and good copy around the report. Basically, you have to sell the report and the benefit the report will bring to the prospect if they respond. Follow high response marketing fundamentals when you write your copy or ad.

Developing a good report will take some time. Your report needs to be put together in such a way that it makes it interesting reading for the prospect. Show them new facts, new insights, or new ideas that they may not have been familiar with before.

Also, it’s OK to sell your product or service in your report. Just don’t over do it. But, do weave in your features and benefits so that the prospect will understand why you’re the right choice for them. Also, use other good copy techniques like well done headlines, painting a persuasive picture, credibility builders, and other basic copy techniques.

When writing a brochure you will need to keep your prospects attitudes and perspectives in mind. What kind of decisions are they trying to make? What problems are they trying to solve? What about this issue concerns them most? What keeps them up at night?

Understand the emotional side of the decision that they are about to make and weave that into your report. Nowhere is it written that a whitepaper or a report has to be boring in order to be credible. Write in conversational tone but make it interesting and make it persuasive.

Next time you are thinking about how to design a new brochure save yourself the waste of money. Brainstorm on ideas for a report that you can give away instead. Your prospects will appreciate and you will sell more.

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