Crate Training is the Way to A Happy Home

When picking out a pet, we seldom consider the effort involved in crate training a dog to get them effectively house trained. Getting a pet is really more of an emotional decision than rational though.

Those thoughts might have included obedience training or even competitive dog and owner events such as the flying disk competition or the agility games. Whatever the reason, crate training probably didn’t figure into the decision but it was more about all the positive things having a pet can bring. So if you truly want to have that great family pet, you need to realize that house training is critical to reaching your goals.

Like it or not, house training is one of the most important things you can do for a long term, happy relationship with your dog.

Although some people mistakenly think that potty training is cruel, it is a lot easier on both owner and pet than having your puppy spend his life outdoors because they haven’t learned not to relieve themselves in your home.

A lot of dog owners will make the mistake of not limiting their pets access to their home. The result is that the pup WILL have accidents and they learn that the back bedroom is the place to go to the bathroom. To make matters worse, the smells re-enforce the behavior and effective potty training is made even more difficult. The idea is to eliminate the possibility of your pet having an accident in your home. Accidents cause smells and while they aren’t the end of the world to clean up, they ARE very tempting to your dog when you want them to learn where to go to the bathroom,

More information on how to quickly and easily house train your puppy or adult dog is available at the link below.

Dogs typically can pick out a place to go and start peeing in only a few seconds, so it’s important that you are attentive and all times when your pet is out of his crate. It’s absolutely critical that you stay attentive until you have broken any bad behaviors crated before you started house training. Depending on the effort you give to break those habits and create new behaviors will determine the amount of time required for success. Once your dog knows what you want him to do, and where you want him to do it bathroom breaks become a simple matter of opening the back door to letting them out.

Crate training a dog is accomplished, especially with an adult dog, by making it clear who’s the alpha dog or boss of the pack. Dogs view their family as a pack and control belongs to the alpha dog or leader. That leader always needs to be clear to your pet and always needs to be you.

Control in owning a pet is actually extremely important in having the enjoyment of a well behaved dog. It’s simply not an option to allow the pup to have the run of your home and defecate anywhere they please because you are unwilling to use good housebreaking practices. If you aren’t willing to adequately train your puppy, please don’t get one!

Once you get your dog in the habit of going directly to his crate when in the house, you’re beginning to gain control of the situation and well on your way to successfully housebreaking your puppy. The idea of crate training a dog is always an exercise in teaching good manners.

So take the time to learn how to teach your puppy what is expected of him. You won’t be sorry and the lifetime of enjoyment can’t be measured.

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