You have Been Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis: What Now ?

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is a very hard situation for anyone to be in. In the immediate aftermath, you are probably experiencing feelings of anger, frustration, and fear. These emotions are natural, and it may be some time before you feel that you have regained some equilibrium in your life. While these feelings may never go away entirely, the first thing you must realize is that MS is not a fatal disease, nor does the diagnosis mean that you will begin experiencing the symptoms right away. Many people diagnosed with MS have many years of healthy living ahead of them; some even find that they are able to outperform their friends at various activities right through their senior years. Because most MS diagnoses take place between the ages of 20 and 40, individuals who have the disease often have much longer to deal with the reality than those diagnosed with other disorders. It is important to realize that while definitely frightening, this diagnosis is not a life sentence.

You no doubt received your diagnosis via your family doctor; he or she should give you contact information on specialists in this field. You and your family should try to make an appointment right away, and discuss the various options available. There are several different treatments that can stagnate the development of multiple sclerosis symptoms and reduce the risk of new ones occurring. The sooner you begin these treatments, the better.

Your family is going to be an integral part of the new road that you are on. You should resolve not to keep your pain or your frustration to yourself, as these feelings will magnify without an outlet. A good thing to do is to find a counselor who can work with you and your whole family to facilitate discussion; this is particularly important if you are married, as the diagnosis will likely put a whole new stress factor on your relationship.

Finding information about multiple sclerosis is one of the best ways to combat the fear that the disorder can cause in many people. Again, because of the young diagnosis, many people’s decisions to have families of their own can be affected when the disease is confirmed. It is imperative for you to understand how the disease works and how this may or may not affect those around you and your ability to have children.

A multiple sclerosis diagnosis is truly a blow. There is little comfort that can be drawn outside of the strength of the individual; in the final equation, it is how you deal with your new situation that will determine your life from here on out. Remember that this diagnosis does not mean an immediate end to life as you know it. You do have a difficult reality to live with, but for many, the symptoms will not manifest until much later in life.

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