Affiliate Marketing: Discover The Way To Prevent Commissions Leakage

When you are promoting for some merchant as a affiliate, one of the thing that you want to take note of is that you will want to prevent commissions leakage. Let’s say that you have drive traffic to a merchant’s website that has got other active links, your customer will be distracted by clicking on it which will cause your customer to go to other sites.

The worse thing is that you might lose some potential buyers who are already prepared to buy the products. That buyer might want to buy the product but he is distracted and go to the other site. If this happens very often, imagine the amount of commissions that you will lose.

There are 2 kinds of commission leakage and you will want to make sure that the merchant’s sites do not have these 2 parts.

1. The 1st one that you want to take note of is that the merchant only use one kind of payment processor on his website. For example, you are a affiliate under Clickbank which will track all your sales. If the merchant put another payment processor like PayPal and the customer that you bring in buys the product using PayPal, you will not be paid of your commissions.

2. The 2nd one is things like banners and testimonial that are actively link to the other website. You will want to make sure that in all the testimonial and the banners that are put on the merchant’s website have no active links that will link to the other website. Make sure that there is only one link to the website which is the order link.

So before you want to be a affiliate for any merchant, the best thing is to check out the merchant’s website to make sure that there are no outing links to the other website. You will definitely want to make sure that commissions leakage will not happen to you.

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