Baby Names & Their Meanings

Have you ever thought about what’s the meaning of your name or your fathers/mothers name?
We are here providing some information on meanings of baby’s first name & surname.

Meaning of first name:

If you are selecting the first name from the list of baby names which already exists, then you will not be having difficulty in finding out the meaning. If you are choosing something new then always verify its meaning.

The Surname:

Meanings of surname are more important to people as they are connected to your family.

Majority of surnames are derived from the following:

• A place
• A profession, business or status.
• Nationality
• Adopted or transferred from Forefathers
• Describing some particular characteristics

Some examples of great surnames:

Ø Robin Hood = Robin in a hood
Ø Friar Tuck = Friar reflects the status
Ø Little John = Describe the dwarf status
Ø Alan a Dale = Dale – place of origin
Ø Much a Miller’s Son = a trade name

Some common surnames and their meanings:

§ Archer A professional Archer
§ Armstrong A strong arm
§ Bailey A bailiff
§ Brown A brown haired man
§ Carter A cart maker
§ Carver A sculptor
§ Chaplin A chaplain
§ Chandler A candle maker
§ Cooper A barrel maker
§ Crippen Curly hair
§ Day A dairy worker
§ Fletcher An arrow maker
§ Frobisher Polished armor and swords
§ Gardner A gardener
§ Grant A tall man
§ Hooper Fitted hoops on barrels
§ Kellogg A killer of hogs
§ Leach A doctor
§ Machin A stone worker
§ Moore Dark complexion like a Moor
§ Naylor A nail maker
§ Proctor A steward
§ Redman A thatcher (reed man)
§ Russell A red haired man
§ Sawyer A wood sawer
§ Shakespeare A soldier, who carried, or shook, a spear
§ Trinder A wheel maker
§ Turnbull A strong man
§ Ward A watchman

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