Opening A Dollar Store – Become a Distributor too!

If you are opening a dollar store there need to be business plans for the future. Those plans need to include plans for sales growth of the store. Plans to grow the business through opening new stores or through diversification of the business also need to be considered. If growth through diversification is being considered, examine becoming a wholesale distributor.

Becoming a wholesale distributor offers many advantages to an existing retail business. Many of these advantages are achieved by adding extra quantities to purchases that are made with your existing suppliers.

Larger purchases will often mean lower prices per item. Many of the wholesalers you buy from offer price breaks as the quantity of an item purchased increases. Those lower prices equate to a lower cost of goods sold for your retail store. If you are opening a dollar store you know that the cost of goods sold is generally the largest single cost for a dollar store.

Larger purchases will often mean more products being shipped at the same time. Generally larger shipments come with lower per item freight costs. Since freight costs are part of the cost of goods sold, that once again equates to a cost of goods sold price decrease for your retail store. When opening a dollar store all of the cost of goods sold savings can mean the difference between profit and loss for your store.

Becoming a wholesale distributor as a means of growing your business creates goodwill and word-of-mouth advertising for you and your business. As the word gets out that you are willing to sell at wholesale to other dollar and discount stores, they will shop with you to see what you have available. If the prices are right, they will buy from you. Soon they will be telling others about the deals they got from you.

Are you opening a dollar store? If so take the time to determine how you want to grow your business sales in the future. Consider wholesale distribution as one means of achieving that growth. Those extra sales can positively affect the bottom line for your business.

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