Health Of The Healthcare Professional

Crystal is a 28 year old medical nurse. She is thriving in her career. She knew if she had any chance at becoming a surgeon one day she had to work night shift. Most of the severe cases come into the hospital at night, and this is where she gets most of her training. The hospital is huge with 10 different layered parking decks.

She hears the stories of things happening in those decks, but never experienced any problems herself. There are always doctors, nurses and other people coming and going all times of night. This is part of a medical professionals life. Her routine it is mostly the same everyday. She drives 15 miles to the hospital and tries to find a parking spot.

There was an elevator in the parking deck where she nomally parked. She takes the elevator to the 5 th floor where she works. Leaving is pretty much the same in reverse. She takes the elevator down, and walks to her car. One Night she was released early from duty, so she started to the elevator which was normally crowed, but this was an odd time so it was empty.

She was on the elevator alone, but she did not think much of it. She just went on with her routine. As she exited the elevator walking toward her vehicle a man jumped from aside another vehicle and grabbed her. He said he wanted drugs, and he knew she had some because she worked in the hospital. She struggled, but his grip was tight. Finally she stuck him in the eye with one of her keys.

He let go and grabbed his face. She ran back to the building where she was met by the security guard. She reported the incident. The guy was apprehended. It turns out that the guy was an escaped mental patient with a history of drug use. Medical professionals perform a vital service to this country. They experience more human tragedy in a single shift than most experience in a lifetime.

They work odd hours and sometimes late at night. Their profession makes them the target of people with habits. Medical Professionals usually have pretty stable incomes, which also places them at risk for robbery. They have access to all kinds of drugs and medicine, which makes them attractive to addicts.

They have routines, which do not change for months at a time, which makes it easy for criminals to do surveillance on them. Medical Professionals sometimes get caught up in their careers and forget about ensuring their own safety. They are particularly vulnerable, going to and from work, especially after a long hard shift. Medical professionals are easy to spot because of the attire they wear.

Medical professionals should realize that they are attractive candidates to criminals and thugs. They should take extra precaution to ensure their safety. A lot can happen in a few minutes, and you must be prepared to act in a split second. Medical professionals should vary their entrance and exit routines as much as possible, and remove any identification upon leaving the work area. You should never keep identification on your keys. Realize that you are a potential target and always be aware of your surroundings.

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