Bully Threatens New American Citizen

Vitya was a 40 year old Russian immigrant to the United States. He had lived in a midsized the Midwestern City for over 6 years. He worked in a factory not far from his home. He was granted citizenship in this country and was proud to be an American Citizen. After living in tyranny in the Soviet Union most of his life, he was grateful to be in a country where he could be himself. He lived in a decent neighborhood full of hard working people.

Most of them accepted him as another American in search of his dream. Because they shared some of the same values, he was a perfect fit to his community. It was a neighborhood that looked after the people who lived there. Vitya was a peaceful man who had lived through decades of persecution and violence in the Soviet Union.

On the street where he lived, was one person who always caused trouble for Vitya. He seemed to have a problem with anyone that was not born in the United States and he did not mind showing it. He would often pitch insults at Vitya. He called him Rusky and many times told him to go back to where he came from. He would even send his dog out to chase him when he walked by his house. The guy had real issues, which were escalating out of control.

Once he even threw a bottle at Vitya. Vitya tried to ignore him, because he knew the rest of the neighbors were on his side. As a matter of fact, they did not care for the guy either. They saw him as just a bully causing trouble in an otherwise peaceful community. One day Vitya was walking down the street when he was approached by the bully. He had obviously been drinking. He said I am going to show you how America really works Rusky.

He pulled a club from under his coat and started to swing at Vitya. Vitya move around trying to dodge the club, but the guy kept swinging. A number of the neighbors were watching and some had already called the police. They were a tight knit group, because most of them worked in the same place.

They were not about to let one of their own get hurt. Some of the neighbors came to help Vitya. They surrounded the guy and he tried to use the club on them. They were bound and determined to hold this guy until the police arrived.

They were finally able to tackle the guy and keep him under control until the police arrived. They arrested him for assault. He still lives on the street and vows to get even with Vitya and the others someday. The neighbors go on with their lives, but they keep a close eye on him. They look forward to the day when this guy leaves the community.

Some people find reasons to dislike others if they are different. It is not just limited to the United States; it is worldwide. The United States is a melting pot of mostly hard working people from all over the world. You may have some bullies living in your neighborhood right now. Have a plan to defend yourself if violently approached.

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