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Couples in a relationship know each other than anyone else as they are the ones who stay together and share their inner most secrets, favorite, likes and dislikes. They are aware of the good qualities as well as the flaws of their individual partners. No one can understand a person better than his or her life partner. However, at times couples despite of knowing each other so well come in conflict with each other. The partner only sees the negative part of his spouse during the quarrel and forgets the positive aspect of his mate. Each and every couple should keep in mind that nobody is perfect therefore it is necessary to accept people as they are. And it is more important to remember the positive qualities of the individual partner. It is better for couples to write a journal on their mates so that they after having a look at the journal about their lover feel good about partner and forget the conflict and tolerate each other. Write on every aspect of your partner. What are the things he is efficient in doing, what are the qualities you like about him or what is so sweet and special about him. Then you could also write as to what are the things she likes or dislikes. What makes her angry and what is it that makes him or her happy?

The journal reminds you of the happy times spent together. Whenever you are feeling low and find the love to be fading out of your relationship then open the magazine written by you about the good times spent together and feel back the lost love. Remember the special time spent together and make your relationship livelier. You will fall in love again with the same vigor and vitality. Just read those characteristics written by your own hands. It makes you happy and makes you realize that the love is still there. The journal, your own creation takes you to the best time of your life and makes you feel fresh.

When your lover is too busy and does not have time for you do not sulk and feel low but look at those mementos remember the happy times spend together. You feel the presence of your mate and realize that he loves you; it’s just the work that’s keeping your partner away from you and nothing else. Many times when our partner is not with us because of some genuine problem at times we go too far to think in the negative. Do not assume in the negative. Only a look at it will fill you with positive feelings and always remind you of the love between you and your partner.

It is vital to know and acknowledge what your partner is passionate about. What are the things your mate would like to do and be pleased to please him or her? Take interest in your spouse’s favorite pastime and give him or her company to show that you love him/her. Encourage him and take interest in the things your partner loves doing. It does not have to be a matter of give and take. Either of the partners can show love in such a way no matter if the other does not. And the answer is simply because, if you love a person, you love unconditionally.

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