Spa Hot Tubs A New Tradition

Today’s fast paced, often hectic lifestyles contribute enormously to our levels of stress. Many people find that they don’t have the time to visit a local spa for a bit of de-stressing. Traditionally, after a hard days work a long hot soak in the bath has done the trick.

So let’s paint a picture here. You come home and your partner is looking forward to spending some quality time with you. Trouble is, your ready for that long soak in the bath and your partner is left waiting again. Now try a different picture. You come home and your partner has the hot tub all warmed up and is relaxing in the tub waiting to give you a nice de-stressing massage.

Which picture would you prefer? That’s right, many people are finding that this scenario is no longer a dream but a regular enjoyable experience. Hot tubs are now more affordable than ever. More and more people are finding out about how owning a hot tub has reduced their levels of stress and increased the amount of quality time they get to spend with their partners.

A hot tub is a major purchase decision and you should spend some time learning a little about the basics of hot tub ownership. What type is best suited to your location and what are the running costs. Once you have that information your ready to start looking for the right hot tub for you.

Traditional hot tubs are made from wood and are large enough for two or more people to soak. The traditional hot tub is constructed much like a very large barrel with wooden staves. The water within is usually still and circulated only for the purposes of heating and filtering. The tub is often situated within a wooden deck and is entry to the tub is from that deck. Seating within the hot tub is usually by wooden benches or a seat that forms a ring around the inner circumference of the tub.

A Spa Hot Tub is quite a bit different from the traditional wooden tub. These are often not so deep and are manufactured from fibreglass-reinforced plastic formed into shapes that provide a variety of seating arrangements within the tub. Each seat is usually equipped with hydrotherapy jets that allow a jet of water to be directed at various parts of the body. The water flow may also be aerated for additional effect and some or all of the jets may also automatically move or rotate, causing the changing pressure of the water on the body to provide a massage-like effect.

There are also spas are now readily available for use within a home bathroom. They are basically modified conventional bathtubs. They are filled fresh for each use, as is the case for a regular bath. Most do not contain any form of heating or filtration mechanism and mostly have just the one hydrotherapy circuit. These tubs are mainly designed for singular or at most double use.

There are many manufacturers of hot tubs, so make sure you shop around and find the one that’s just right for you. Remember to leave a little in your budget for the extras that can make all the difference to owning a hot tub.

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