Can A Rapist Be Reformed?

Taylor was a convicted rapist. He served nine years in prison for the crime. He was originally sentenced to 15 years but a number of things such as overcrowding led the system to release him early. He had lots of time to think about the crime and the life he destroyed. He swore to himself, that he would never do anything like that again.

He even wanted to start going to church. When he got out of jail he decided to move to the country and open up a lawn cutting business. He knew it would be difficult if not impossible to get any employment in the city given his record. In the country, he would be miles away from his neighbors and his recognition as a sex offender would be less visible.

He bought a small house with a loan from one of his relatives and setup the business. The business required him to go from house to house. He figured it was all right since none of the people knew him. He purchased some used equipment and starting cutting lawns. He had many different clients. One client was a young lady named Ginger, who had divorced a year ago.

She lived alone and did not care for yard work. She was planning to eventually move to an apartment in a city. She hired Taylor to take care of her yard in the mean time. She was very friendly and trusting. He was careful not become personally involved with her.

He knew the old feeling of domination and control might surface and cause him to commit a crime. Yet he could not stop thinking about her. He became very familiar with the layout of her yard and her home. He tried to remember his promise not to rape.

His thoughts of her became very intense. He finally had to drop her as a client for fear that he might rape again. A couple of weeks passed. He still found himself driving pass her house on the way to other clients. One day he convinced himself that he should stop in and say hello, even though she was not a client. He went to her house knocked on the door.

She was familiar with him, so she opened the door. At that moment, something came over him. He pushed the door open and she fell to the floor. He was out of control. He tied her up and was about to move her to one of the back rooms. The Sheriff in the area always made his rounds at the same time everyday. He would check the neighbors yards for suspicious activity.

He came upon her yard and saw the equipment parked outside but no one cutting grass. He thought it was odd, so he parked his car down the road and walked up to the house. He looked in one of the windows and saw Ginger tied up.

He knew he had to help her. He also saw Taylor, but he did not see any weapons. He knew he had a chance to take him down. He burst in the back door and apprehended the criminal. He untied Ginger and hauled the rapist to jail.

Many experts believe that rapists can not be reformed. They have some form of disorder that can not be corrected. They believe that the rapist can go on for years without committing a crime but they are not reformed. Experts believe, when the buttons are pushed they will commit as similar crime again. Some experts believe that this accompanied by the rightfully deserved stigma placed on them by society makes reform impossible.

There are rapists living in or near many communities in the United States. The offender registry system makes some of them visible but is not infallible. You must use all resources available to know where these individuals are located. Always have a plan to defend yourself if necessary.

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