How To Expand The Reach Of Your eBay Auctions By Up To 90%

EBay is officially one of the top ten busiest websites in the world and rightly so, and it only shows signs of increasing in the upcoming years. Millions of people login daily to the world’s online auction site and millions of eBay auctions are viewed.

As an eBay seller, you will only be receiving an absolutely tiny proportion of all that eBay traffic and that is expected because you are in direct competition with millions of other sellers and online auctions.

There is however a way to maximise your potential market reach by 10%, 20%, 50% or even up to 90% by using one simple little trick that will put your auction in front of potentially millions more people.

This little trick isn’t using any of the advanced selling strategies eBay provides you with, such as featured listings, or bolding of auctions or highlighting. The best part of this sneaky little trick is that it is completely free and takes no more than two seconds to implement. Once you realise the trick, I’m sure you will include it on all of your auctions to ensure that you obtain the maximum possible earnings from each of your eBay auctions.

So, here is the simple little trick that will help explode your auction traffic and propel your eBay sales at an alarming rate.

When you are listing your eBay auction and when you reach the step where you have to include details of postage and packaging, you have the option to choose where you deliver your products to. The majority of eBay sellers would simply include the country that they are living in because they think that it is too much effort to ship to other places in the world. But, if you were to select ‘Deliver Worldwide’ then you will expand your reach by a considerable margin.

You can set postage costs for each location so no matter where you deliver your products to, your shipping expenses are all paid for.

This method works especially well for digital products, such as eBooks because delivery is free no matter where you are in the world. The eBook sellers’ market reach has expanded by a huge margin and shipping costs remain the same and profits explode.

If you don’t have this feature selected on your eBay auctions – especially your eBook auctions – then incorporate it instantly and watch as your auction traffic grows at an exceptional rate.

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