Ideas For Kids To Make Money Online

One would seldom think of looking in the print media for ways that kids can make money. Since the mid 1990s the print media has tended to focus on ways that children can become better readers. Some even has a special “Reading by 9″ page. In May of 2006, however, the they did provide details about one of the newest ideas for kids to make money.

That article was about local boys who made a habit of chasing exotic cars. They used their cell phones to catch video of those exotic cars. When those boys got their first videos, then they discovered one of the newest ideas for kids to make money. They found that they could make money be selling their videos to various websites, sites where the viewers wanted to look at exotic cars.

More recently, after many months of selling those videos, these same boys have begun pursuing another of the ideas for kids to make money. They have started to design their own website. The boys are going to post all of their video on that website. Then they can get some money from the ads they place on that website.

Of course these boys realize that ads on a website represent just one of many ideas for kids to make money online. They are well aware of the fact that great video might encourage other website marketers to put a link on the kids’ website. The kids would of course get money for such a link.

So these young boys could continue to make money simply by filming all of the local exotic cars they could find. Right now these boys know exactly where to go to find exotic cars. They know that they do not have to go far. There are many exotic cars all most on every coner of a big city.

These boys would probably have little trouble marketing their new website. These boys became famous overnight. A famous news media used one of their videos when reporting about the mystery surrounding a wrecked Ferrari. The boys had gotten pictures of the car and owner before the car accident.

These boys were provided with an even greater ability to make money online. Selling video to the news media is not one of the standard ideas for kids to make money. Yet now that this one group of boys has used them as buyers, maybe other kids will try to do the same thing. Maybe another group of kids could create a website with a special type of video. They would, however, encounter a challenge. They would find it hard to create a name as clever as that of their website.

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