Make Your Cologne Your Own

Once you have found a scent that you feel really defines who you are and what you are all about, (and makes you just a little more unforgettable!), how do you make it your own?

By that we mean, how do you make people think, “that smells like Sheryl” or, “that smells like Jeff” instead of, “isn’t that the cologne that Janet wears?” Making the cologne “your own” means engulfing yourself in the scent so that it becomes an integral part of you, without becoming overwhelming to others.

For example, you don’t want to continue spraying yourself with perfume or cologne all day long, since the sharp, introductory notes will continue to come through and that sharp scent will be overwhelming to people if they smell it on you constantly.

Instead, try building a the scent in layers. For example, many fragrance manufacturers don’t just make cologne or perfume, they make other products with the same fragrance as well. You should start by using their soap and shampoo to get a light fragrance over your body.

When you are out of the shower, try using their fragranced powder or body lotion to build up the next layer of scent.

Finally, you have two choices. You can either spray perfume on your pulse points (perfume is the strongest concentration of sent offered by a fragrance manufacturer), or you can spray the eau de toilette or eau de cologne all over your body, since it is a lighter version of the fragments.

Throughout the day, your fragrance layers will evaporate and give off that scent. And over time, your clothes will become infused with the smell as well, and it won’t be long until people begin to associate a smell only with you.

And why would you want to smell associated only with you? It’s easy! Smell is the sense that is most closely related to our long-term memory. So when people smell something, they often make close associations between the scent and the experience. So give people something to remember about you and layer your body with a scent that will keep you in people’s memories for a long time to come.

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