How to write well

In order to write anything well, it is recommended to always begin with the objective in mind. If you are clear about the purpose you want to achieve while writing, then your article would be focused on the chosen topic.

Before beginning to write, write this down on a piece of paper: “After reading my article, my readers should _______________. “ Now fill in the blank with what you want your readers to do after they finish your article. This will make clear in your mind the objective you want to achieve.

After you have made your objective clear, the next step is to write down the key points you want to cover in your article. Note down all the important points you wish to cover. Then arrange them in a proper logical sequence.

For this article, I wanted to cover the following points which I wrote down on paper: objective, points, revise, title.

You now have a good framework for your article, the rest of the work should be easy now. Start writing about each point mentioned in your list.

Do not worry about grammar, spelling, typing mistakes etc. as of now.Just try to put your thoughts on paper and prepare the first draft. Continue writing till you finish covering all the points, do not stop to edit before that even if you feel you are writing rubbish.

When you have completed writing about all the points which you originally planned to cover, now is the time to re-read your article and make any changes you want. You may correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, if any or whatever other changes you want to make. Your initial task was just to put your thoughts on paper without bothering about anything else.

After you have re-read and revised your article to your satisfaction, think of some suitable title for it. Postpone the task of coming up with a title till the last because you are likely to think of a suitable title only after fully finishing the article.

Another important point to remember is that if you want to write or speak well then you have to concentrate on increasing your vocabulary. The more command you have over words, the better can be your writing. So it is recommended to focus on and devote some time regularly to expand your vocabulary.

An Important Suggestion#: While writing, keep a thesaurus handy and make good use of it. Refer to it frequently in order to eliminate using the same words repeatedly which sounds bad while reading. Use alternative words instead of persisting with the same word always.

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