Signs of menopause: getting the pieces of the puzzle together

Signs of the menopause can be subtle and distributed over many years. It might be easy for a woman to miss on the fact that she might be entering menopause or early menopause. Menstrual irregularity can be a sign of the menopause. Sometimes, irregular menstruation is the first sign of the menopause. One has to be careful though as it can be easy to misinterpret this real sign of the menopause. For example , I had a patient who was forty-seven years old and when her menstruations stopped, she concluded that she got her first sign of the menopause…until her “sign of the menopause” started to move in her belly. In fact, since she was not taking any birth control method, she was actually pregnant. Her pregnancy was uneventful and she had a very nice birth.

A sign of the menopause that has been the center of laughs and misconceptions is experiencing hot flashes. Hence, a woman in her menopause transition experiences a very uncomfortable and sudden rise in her overall body temperature. The way to deal with this sometimes disturbing sign of the menopause is to wear layers of clothing that one can “peel off” when experiencing hot flashes.

Also, sleeping in comfortable sheets made of cotton rather than flannel will help prevent that unwanted signs of the menopause. A woman can also feel a good relief of her hot flashes by cracking open a window and letting go outside this unwelcome sign of the menopause.

Other disturbing signs of the menopause include the mood swings a woman going through menopause can experience. Laughing a minute, crying for trivial reasons the next, this sign of the menopause can bring the woman and her spouse on a roller coaster of emotions. The best approach to this sign of menopause is to take life on its lighter side. At worst if mood swings are becoming more than just a little disturbing sign of the menopause, a woman should consult proper medical and psychological help.

Lack of energy and general fatigue are common signs of the menopause and should be addressed. A woman experiencing a decreased in her energy level from going through menopause should re-adjust her life accordingly, giving herself permission to rest and pamper herself. After all, many women all over the world need to get this sign of menopause to acknowledge all they have done for others and realize that now is a good time to focus more on themselves.

Other signs of the menopause often come in the form of insomnia. For unexplained reasons, many women going through peri-menopause experience a drop in the quality and the quantity of their sleep. Exercising regularly can bring about a comforting sense of health and releases natural hormones that will make insomnia no more a sign of the menopause.

There are a variety of symptoms which are all signs of the menopause and a woman should consult her qualified doctor if she experiences any sign of menopause. She will then be able to recognize and face everything in her life that can be signs of the menopause. She can then discuss with her physician the best approach to her new life condition.

Discussing and understanding signs of the menopause are a must for every woman going through menopause. She can then join a support group formed by women who are experiencing such similar signs of the menopause. If such a group does not exist in her area, she can decide to form one. She can also decide to join a discussion forum on the internet that is dedicated to woman who wants to discuss and find solutions to whatever new signs of the menopause.

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