An Effective Diet And Exercise Program Starts With These Seven Steps

A good diet and exercise program is no walk in the park. To succeed you need to know exactly whats going to happen, when it’s going to happen and how you will deal with what happens. Only when you have set yourself up to win in this battle for control of your body will you be successful.

By doing this you will be ready for the changes in your life and will know what to expect. An effective diet and exercise program will start with these seven steps:

Step 1: Recognize the Importance of Diet and Exercise

This may sound simplistic but you need to recognize the importance of a good diet and exercise plan. If you’re just thinking about dieting and firming up…Forget it! You need to realize how vital diet and exercise routine is to your health.

You need to have a good reason to want to do the program. Ex.: You want to live a long time. You want time to enjoy your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

You might want to write a book or climb a mountain or cruise around in your motor home not knowing or caring where your next nights stop is going to be. The point is you need to have a reason to stop the neglect of your body. The alternative is looking at the bottom side of daisies and that is not very appealing.

The fact that you want to live a good healthy life has to sink in and be accepted by you and not just something you might want to try.

Step 2: Select a Diet and Exercise Program You Will Enjoy

There are all kind of diet and exercise programs out there. Most of them are pure junk! We have taken the time to review the very best of these programs and listed them at our web site.

cooking not your cup of tea, then a lot of the programs are not right for you. Trying to become a gourmet cook at the same time as going on the diet and exercise program will frustrate you and all those around you.

There are a couple of great programs that deliver tasty meals right to your doorstep so all you need to do is push the microwave button and you have a delicious nutritious meal.

Pick a type of exercise program that you enjoy. Picking something you don’t like to do is pure drudgery and you are too important to set your self up to fail.

The main thing is to get your body moving enough to raise your pulse above it’s resting rate. Here’s a partial list of activities that would do that:

Bicycling Jogging Bowling Stair Climbing Cross-country skiing Bicycling Dancing Swimming Gardening Tennis Golfing Treadmill Heavy house cleaning Walking briskly Jazzercise Weight lifting Kettlebells Hula-hooping

Try picking 4 or 5 of these activities and vary your routine. That way you won’t get bored by doing the same thing every time. Remember pick things you enjoy doing.

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