Saving the environment; every little steps count

Saving energy and the overall environment is a topic that has gained public attention more recently. People are realizing that at the rate we are using earth’s valuable resources, we will face serious shortage in a near future.

Water is the first resource we have been wasting in the past. We have to be aware that everyday, people worldwide are dying from lack of drinkable water. Yet, in our “civilized” countries, we let purified water go to waste in many ways daily.

Small steps a person can take to limit her consumption of water is: only wash the dishes or do the laundry when there is a full load to be done, do not let tap water run for long periods while brushing one’s teeth. Other obvious drinkable water savings would be not to use sprinklers on rainy days or using a broom to sweep one’s carport instead of the garden hose.

Another valuable earth’s resource we have been wasting is electricity. Again, in many developing countries, electricity could save hundreds of lives. Yet, we are openly wasting this valuable resource in western countries. Small steps that can be taken to limit the quantity of electricity consumed daily are: close all lights that are not being used, do not put the air conditioning on (or a heating system) if windows are opened, wash clothes that do not require special care with cold water instead of hot water.

Forests and trees have also been overused by man and wasted in more ways than can be counted. Recycling paper is the very first step in limiting paper (and trees) waste. I have personally contacted all the magazines with which I am not subscribed and asked them to send me these hundreds of paper I did not read and wasted. It took time and patience but eventually, I evaluate I must have saved an entire small forest by that little step alone.

Writing on both sides of paper is also a very good way to diminish one’s consumption of paper and thus limiting deforestation.

Quality air is also a resource we have wasted to the worst degree. By overusing cars and toxic emissions which affected the ozone layers, we have wasted our most valuable resource: the air we breathe. Small steps that can be taken are exactly this: taking small steps instead of using the car for any small trip to the corner store. In taking such action as walking to get to near places, a person will also gain physical benefits and enjoy a better health condition.

Saving oxygen and the quality of the air that we breathe also means taking a strong stand and pressuring governments in place to adopt and apply strict rules and regulations to limit pollution and toxic gas emissions.

Another valuable resource that we have been shamefully wasting is the wildlife. Many animals are now on the endangered species list or, worst, have disappeared because of man’s careless actions. Reading and keeping up to date on the most recent developments and again taking action to limit the damages caused to animals are small steps a person can take to start making a difference.

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