Acid is falling from the sky

The phenomenon of acid rain is caused by rain drops that contain pollutants like oxide from sulfur and nitrogen. This deadly combination generates acid in the droplets of rain. This gives acid rain its sour taste. The main causes of these pollutants are created by man: cars and industrial and power plants. The areas with the highest density of cars and plants have the highest chance of acid rain. The creation of acid rain also depends on the weather of that particular area. Strong winds will carry acid rains miles away thus polluting greater areas. When water is mixed with these gases and oxygen in the atmosphere, acid rain is generated. In warmer and sunnier climates, the reaction is intensified.

Canada has a high level of acid rain compared to many areas. All elements to create acid rains are united: car exhausts, the climate and pollution from industries. Canadian forests are starting to show the effects of acid rains. Both trees and animals show damages. Plants and animals have a hard time surviving in some areas. . For years, there has been talks and concerns about acid rain. The Clean Air Act of 1975 was written in this purpose. It was intended to regulate emissions of pollutants from cars being put into the air. It also was aimed to regulate the pollution levels put out be factories. One can seriously question though if the act is being respected and implemented.

It is an accepted fact that acid rain is caused by pollution. Pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide tend to stay in the atmosphere and react with the humidity in the air. When this polluted moisture falls to the ground, acid rain is created. Industrial pollution is the major cause of acid rain. The biggest causes of acid rain are cars and big industries. This acid rain created by man himself has proven very damaging to the environment every day. There is an immediate need to find better solutions to acid rain creation and reverse the damages done to nature.

There are a lot of interesting web sites and forums where a person can contribute and help stop manmade pollution. It is in our best interests to slow down and eventually stop acid rain.

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