The Real Secrets of Speed Reading

Imagine having the ability to absorb many times the amount of information in a shorter space of time than you ever thought possible.

Imagine being able zip through books, documents and papers and not miss a word, taking it all in but in half the time.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

This article will reveal some of the secretive tips and techniques that you can use to achieve this.

Its important to remember that you don’t have to take a lot of your current reading time to make a huge difference. If you could take a second off of a page, think what a difference that would make when you’re reading a whole book!

It’s really possible to take in all the info you need even when going through a book at a higher speed. Here’s some tips to achieve this…

Use your hand to guide your eyes across the page. It’s really that simple. Make sure you move your hand at a pace that feels right and keep it moving down the page. Don’t stop and start, keep it movinf and over time your eyes will be able to keep up. The more you practice at this the better you’ll become.

Another effective technique is to place a piece of card over the words that you have just read. Slide it down the page as you read and this will prevent you from going back over words you’ve already read. This is one of the main difficulties people have with reading quickly, they soon find themselves going back over the same words again and again. A simple piece of card should remedy the situation.

We’ve already talked about moving your hand down the page and letting your eyes keep up. Well, a similar techniques is to use your hand to draw across the page from left to right. Use a smooth motion and use your longest finger as a point to follow.

Other people may find it helps them to bunny hop their hand down the page. Small leaps down the tect can really make your eyes whizz along the page. This can also be achieved with a diagonal motion, but really it’s personal preference.

This techniques aren’t as easy as they seem and require some practice but if you give it a go you’ll find you can absorb boundless amounts of information with ease.

Did you know in recent studies that a higher rate of reading has been found to increase the level of comprehension? Amazing isn’t it? Those who read more slowly actually take in the information poorly when compared to faster readers, you’d think it would be the other way around!

It’s all to do with your concentration span. You must force your mind to concentrate on the page and rattle through the words more quickly.

Hold on though, the most important point is that you concentrate on your purpose of reading the article or book. By that I mean you must decide what it is you want to extract from the writing and concentrate fully on that. You must focus on how quickly you can pull out the ideas and information you’re after rather than just how quickly you can get through the page.

And that is the real secret of speed reading.

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