The Menopause: a growing phase

The menopause period occurs around the age of 50 for most women. The range can vary from age 46 to 56 on average. Menopause is characterized by the ending of the menstrual cycles and the end of the fertile years.

The menopause period is also a time of diminishing levels of estrogens and progesterone released by the ovaries. This drop of hormones during the peri-menopause and menopause years bring along symptoms that can sometimes be disturbing. Such symptoms felt during menopause are: vaginal dryness, hot flashes, mood swings, heavy or decreased bleeding, sadness or even depression, increased fatigue or insomnia.

Although the menopause period may seem to be a challenging phase in a woman’s life, there are many positive sides brought by all these changes. The first positive side of entering and going through menopause is that it is the occasion for a woman to re-evaluate her health. A visit to her qualified health care provider is indicated.

Next, a woman going through this menopause period has the occasion to re-align her life habits to a more healthy and positive lifestyle. Most woman going through the menopause benefit from more free time, the children having left the family nest. She can then take the time to relax, be active physically by walking, swimming or dancing.

A women entering the menopause period can greatly benefit from being well-informed by researching and reading the proper documentation. Talking to friends who have also been through menopause can be very valuable for a woman. This way, she may feel she is not alone in this growing phase of her life. The menopause period is also the perfect occasion to call back old friends and get together. The odds are very good that they are also going through the menopause period and would love to join you.

The menopause period is also a good occasion to check one’s eating and living habits. It is never too late to do a good deed. A woman in her menopause needs to highly consider stopping smoking if she has that habit. By quitting tobacco, a woman in the menopause period will greatly help her heart, circulation, lungs and bones.

The menopause period is also the best occasion to bring positive changes in a woman’s life. Taking up a long-wanted hobby or traveling has often a very good effect on a woman entering the menopause period.

Women going through the menopause period sometimes suffer from insomnia but this can be helped greatly by taking relaxation or yoga classes or listening to self-hypnosis recordings.

The menopause period is also a time to share with other women who have either gone through or are experiencing menopause. There are many non-profitable organizations which bring together women in their peri-menopause years. If there are no such organization in an area, chatting on internet forums for menopausal women can be great fun and positive.

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