Benefits of Article Writing: Signatures & Resource Boxes

Signature and resource boxes are found at the end of an article or tutorial. This is authors chance to post information about himself or a company. Basically it’s an out right advertisement. Yes, advertisement. This why articles and tutorials are so popular and great for a business or getting a site noticed. Most sites will only allow a certain amount of space for a signature. This amount of space is still enough to give a little information about a website or company along with contact information and a link.

Here is an example of a simple signature:

This signature is a bit small but it works. It lets a reader know who wrote the article, where the author is from, and a little information about their site. Just with that small amount of information a user would be able to know what type of site it is and determine if it’s worth checking out or not. This is a very good way to gain a lot of extra traffic.

Organizing an Article

One major thing to keep in mind when writing articles is how it is organized. If a user cannot find what their looking for, they wont read it. If it looks like to much information will normally not read it. So remember to keep it simple, easy to navigate and easy to find what their looking for. Sectioning off certain parts of the article into main categories, then sub categories after that is a great way to organize an article. If it’s just one large body of text a user will not read it.

Check Your Work

Remember to check over an article many times before calling it complete. If there are any spelling or grammatical errors be sure to fix them. Remember that this article will be read by a lot of people and we wouldn’t want to be embarrassed. So read over it many times and have other read it also. Make sure it sounds good and everything is correct. Once this is done, then the article is also done and ready to be posted.

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