Importance of Writing a Great Looking Cover Letter

When applying for a job one of the most important things is that you have a great looking cover letter. In some cases this is more important than the résumé itself as this is the first thing that employers will see when they look at your application. Writing a cover letter is not an easy thing to do as in most cases people are not sure how they should write it and what they should include. There are some general mistakes that people make and there are things that they should avoid doing when writing a cover letter.

The first mistake the people make is that overuse “I” in their cover letters. The cover letter should not be place to retell your life story. It should focus specifically on how you can satisfy the needs of the prospective employer. Writing a cover letter is kind of like writing a sales presentation. You are attempting to sell yourself to a prospective employer. You should therefore put your top points forward. Do not omit anything that you feel is important and adds to your qualifications.

When writing a cover letter you should remember that it should not be too long. The cover letter should not exceed a page. After a page the reader will usually stop reading it altogether. You should keep your letter short and concise will still putting forth your qualifications and experience and why you should be the one hired for the job.

People make the mistake of reciting everything that they have stated in their resume. It is true that the cover letter should build upon and summarize what you have stated in your resume but it should never be repeated word for word. When writing a cover letter, consider it a challenge. The challenge will be how can you sell yourself to your employer.

One of the most important things that you should always say on your cover letter is that you are thanking the reader for their time and consideration. You are thanking them for the time they are taking to read the cover letter and resume as well as for any consideration they may give you for the job. This is a very important factor that must be included on every cover letter you send out.

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