Anxiety and Sweaty Hands

aving sweaty hands and anxiety at the same time is a common pattern in our times. Although sometimes anxiety isn’t the main cause for excessive sweating, it is one of the most powerful triggers.

Anxiety is a state of mind where we feel a lot of emotions: worry, a sense of emptiness, fear, and can cause physical sensations: increased breathing, nausea, and excessive sweating, are some of them. Anxiety is closely related to our survival, and by itself is not bad, but the thing is we now live in a world different form thousands of years ago, and still we have this same emotion that once helped us deal with the wild world.

Once we are in the state of anxiety, then we lose some control over ourselves, suddenly we find out our hands are sweating excessively, but we can’t help it, because anxiety is slowly taking over us.

Since this is a problem that originates in the mind, is best to treat it from such angle. Two of the best methods are hypnosis and meditation. They are good because they help the mind to relax. Just what we need when anxiety comes knocking to our door. Hypnosis is a safe method, actually is safer than we have made to believe it is. You can’t do anything you don’t want to for example, neither you will be in the altered state forever. Professional psychotherapists have learned the art of hypnosis as an important part of treatments that include suggesting new beliefs.

Meditation, in the other hand leans toward self awareness. What you do when you meditate is close your eyes and focus on just one thing at the beginning, it can be counting, or your breathing. As you keep practicing it you will feel that you are in control of yourself, and no the other way.

A sweaty hands surgery in the case of anxiety, is not much recommendable, unless it appears as a severe condition. In that case it is better to go to the doctor to know the best treatment for your case.

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