Patio Umbrella Covers

Patio Umbrellas provide shade from sun and rain, besides adding that touch of glamour. At same time umbrellas, along with other patio furniture, need care and maintenance to be usable for several years. The practical way to go about it is to purchase Patio Umbrella Covers, depending on the size of the umbrella and storage space. When not in use, umbrellas can be stacked standing in basement or garage. But if they are going to be left out in the open then a cover is a must. The cover sizes range from small to extra large and generally have a sewn-in wand for easy fixing.

The fabric of the Umbrella Cover should be the main deciding factor, available with a manufacturer’s warranty period of minimum two to three years. An important point to remember is that Patio Umbrella Covers should be water resistant and UV treated to last outside. There is a wide choice of covers, from Rhino weave fabric covers that are durable and water resistant and, unlike vinyl covers, do not crack or peel. One can opt for hard-wearing and reversible vinyl covers in flex-o-fit design that are easily fitted for protection against dirt or weather damage.

For special occasions or parties add a touch of the tropical with umbrella covers made of handcrafted palm leaves. The wood-grain pattern on a 1.5″ steel pole and a customized pin-lock mechanism adds to the allure of the palm leaf cover. Another individualistic design is a net Umbrella Cover with a drawstring to hold the cover when the umbrella is not in use. Whatever the fabric, check that the cover fits easily and securely, allowing you to zip and unzip while the umbrella is still in the stand. Umbrella Covers with accessible zips and bottom tie cords are reliable on windy days. Basically, Patio Umbrella Covers are for storing or safeguarding umbrellas, so your decision should be based on the usage of the umbrella, and location of the house.

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