The perfect pearl gift

Flip open a magazine, take a stroll through your local mall or turn on the television: you’ll find that pearl jewelry has made a major comeback. Once reserved for the rich and/or famous, pearls are now being sported by women of all ages, styles and walks of life. It makes sense, then, that pearls, an ancient symbol of undying love, are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift.

Unfortunately, many people have no idea how to go about picking out a piece of pearl jewelry. The following steps are guaranteed to make your shopping journey easier.

1. Accept the fact that every woman would love to receive pearls as a gift. Most women will tear up at the sight of a beautifully gift-wrapped piece of pearl jewelry. Especially on Valentine’s Day, pearls have a way of saying “I love you” better than all the chocolate or roses in the world…

2. Find out if she already owns pearls. If your gift is to be her very first pearl piece, you may go for tradition: a simple bracelet, a nice pair of studs, or, the pièce de resistance, a pearl strand. Each of these pieces is a must-have, and you can’t go wrong with classics.

3. Decide what your budget is and stick to it! Luckily for you, different pearls have different price tags. If your budget is modest, look for freshwater pearls: they are über-trendy right now and are more affordable than their saltwater cousins.

4. Consider her frame and age. Different pearl necklaces look best on different women. If she is young or petite, a shorter strand of smaller pearls would be more appropriate than a long strand of chunky pearls. In the same way, an older woman or someone with a larger frame looks best in larger pearls and can pull off longer necklace lengths.

5. Think about her skin tone. Pearls have in different overtones, which is a secondary color reflected in the pearl that complements the skin tone of the woman wearing them. Overtones can range from pink to silver for a white pearl and from silver to green for a black pearl. If she has a very fair complexion, she’ll probably look better in pearls with a rosy overtone; while a darker-skinned woman might look prefer pearls with a silvery overtone.

6. Figure out what your valentine’s style is: what kind of a woman is she? How does she dress? Look through her closet for tips: if all you find are blue jeans, choose simple pieces like pearls studs or a pendant that can be worn every day. If she’s the fashion-conscious type, then go for something trendy like a baroque pearl necklace, pearl chandelier earrings or a circle pearl pendant.


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