Some Common Myths Against Domain

Lawyers eat nails for breakfast. Rap is Etch-a-Sketch set to music. The Law of Unintended Consequences governs the nation. These beliefs are part of a canon of urban folklore that we spread as truth among our friends. Applicants for domain names have developed their own myths. Some have been repeated so often, they sound true. Those untold information is what this paper is going to tell you.

Myth One: Always Pick .Com Domain Name

It is always asked a person to go for .com domain name. The domain ending with .com is easy to remember, as they are the most common name but not necessary the best. For one thing, there are many domain names ending in .com so it’s really hard to find a domain name ending with one. Picking a .com is good depending on how you are gaining traffic. If you are targeting people that are looking in search engines it can be pointless to just pick a .com domain. Though if you are advertising in Television, Newspapers or the Radio it might help somewhat.

Myth Two: Avoid Using Dashes Or Never Go For That

Once again, this all depends on what you are doing. Remember, search engines translate dashes as spaces, so if you are targeting a popular keyword and use dashes as spaces, than your page will be easier to get onto the top ten search results of that keyword. Some search engines put more emphasis on this than others. So avoiding dashes or not applying anywhere in the domain name can be a fruitful option for you.

Myth Three: Selecting A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name may be a pain, many may prefer domain names that are short but they are not necessarily better. Its true you don’t want a domain name that is extremely long but you don’t want it to be so short that nobody can remember it (unless you own a url forwarding service). There are many combinations of words you can use. It is highly suggested checking a domain name generator. They can be very useful, you enter a keyword and it displays possible combinations with other words and tells you if they’re available.

Myth Four: Domain Used Forever.

While it’s possible that you’ll keep your registered domain name forever, it is not guaranteed. Several things can happen that would cause you to lose your domain name. First, you have to register your domain name each year (or register it for multiple years up front) in order to keep your access to it. If you forget to renew your registration, you could lose your domain name, or someone else can register it and charge you a huge fee to have it transferred back to your name. Second, you could lose your domain name in a trademark dispute.

Myth Five: Domain Registration Through Company Name

You cannot use your company name for the domain registration; in fact, you don’t have the right to register any domain name, even if you have a trademark on the corresponding company name. The reason for this is that a trademark on a business name doesn’t give you exclusive access to use that name. It only gives you exclusive access to use that name for the particular products and / or services that you offer.

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