How Can You Make Affirmations Work For You

Everyone wants a better life, more money, more health and love in their life. A lot of people try to do better in life

But that is where it usually ends, because most of us have a “treadmill life”, which means we live from one hard working day to another, from one pay check to another, and most of us always are only one paycheck away from disaster.

Have you ever wondered about why this is so? Has this been your experience in life? There is a reason for this. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who let life live THEM and then there are those who LIVE life!

It has to do with repetition and focus. We are just now learning what it really means to have the life we are all naturally desire, a life that was meant to be for all of us. Most people are thinking and “affirming” the things they DON’T want.

Anxiety, worry, and complaining are all a form of repetitive focus or affirmation. The truth about why most affirmations don’t work is because people focus on the number of times they are saying a particular word or phrase. But when it comes to their every day life, it’s more than just saying a word.

It’s about a combination of seeing, feeling, and thinking. That’s the secret to making affirmations work! What you think, see and feel inside of you makes all the difference in the world as to how your life plays out.

Everything in life goes through a cycle or a process. This means that just because you may have started to do positive affirmations for a few weeks or a few months, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see instant results!

It didn’t take you a few weeks or months to get where you are now, and it won’t be just a few weeks or months to get where you want to be.

Most people want to increase money, health, love in their lives.

No doubt this is also your goal, and a great way to achieve this goal, is to do your daily affirmations. The following steps are keys to making your affirmations much more powerful than you may have done them previously.

1. Use pictures or physical objects – this should be a picture of the object or experience you want to realize in your life. You can also use object such as a toy car (if you are wanting to manifest a car). Some people have vision boards for their affirmations, others use pictures on their computer. Do what works best for you. 2. Get into the feeling of having it NOW – many people are stuck in the “one day I will get this” mode. Pretend for a half hour that you already have it now. It is a great boost to your spirits and you come out of that feeling thankful and inspired. 3. Be Creative – I use music with my affirmations at times. Others use candles or incense. 4. Stay Consistent – Personally, I do this almost every day for at least 45 minutes to an hour or two. My disclaimer is that this should be a fun and relaxing thing for you. If it starts to feel like a chore, you’re not doing it right. This should be a lifestyle and not something temporary. It should be a way of life for you.

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