How Getting To Know Yourself Can Change Your Life

Getting to know yourself is vital to your personal growth. By taking some time out to understand yourself, you open doors that will ultimately help you be a better and more respected person. It may sound strange to some people how could you not know yourself. After all, you have been around for many years, apparently being yourself?

The problem is in today’s society, we are often so busy being someone’s mother, father, son, daughter or even employee and living up to those expectations that we lose track of who we really are inside and what makes us happy as an individual.

Why It Is Important To Know Yourself

It is said in the bible, the oldest book known to man, that we must first learn how to love ourselves before we can love others. To love ourselves, we must know what makes us happy, what our faults are and what our strengths are. All of these things must be accepted as being a part of who we are. If we can’t accept all of the things that make us an individual, we are unable to love and accept our fellow man and live a happy and peaceful life.

As a child, you loved unconditionally, but you also accepted others as well as yourself without question. It is this child-like approach to yourself and others that is the key to getting to know yourself. Understand that you are the way that you are because of your life’s experiences. Accept that your life has made you the way that you are. But that doesn’t mean that you are powerless to change your life for the better.

Look for your good points, consider the bad points, but accept that you cannot change who you are. But you can change the things in your life that make you unhappy. If you can do this, you will be better equipped to love, learn and care for others whether they are your spouse, children, family, friends or even your fellow man.

Steps To Take To Get To Know Yourself Better

The first step that you will need to take in the journey of getting to know yourself better is to have some time on your own. Choose a place that is peaceful, whether it is late at night when everyone has gone to bed or whether it is outside on the beach. It really doesn’t matter where you go as long as you find a quiet place where you can reflect on your life without being interrupted.

Sit quietly for a while and try to hush the chatter in your mind, you know that little voice telling you to remember the trash needs to be taken out tonight and the kids need to be picked up from practice. Push everything, out of your mind and sit there quietly for a while.

Tell yourself that your current reality is no longer what you want and you are no longer happy with the way your reality is manifesting in your life. You need a change and visualize those changes occurring in your life. Ask yourself what is making you unhappy? What no longer works in your life? See what needs to be changed and then visualize these changes exactly as you would like to see them happen in your life.

Visualization is a very powerful tool that will allow you to make the changes you so desperately need in your life, as well as understand more about the things that you have forgotten were important to you. By visualizing things in your mind, you are planting seeds of change. These seeds then sprout into your logical way of thinking and you begin to make moves toward change without really noticing it.

Opportunities are around us everywhere, although many of us don’t see them, simply because we do not see them for what they are. By using visualization in your life to point you towards new opportunities, you are opening up your mind. Making opportunities seemingly fall into your lap.


Getting to know yourself better and learning to open new doors to bring you closer to your goals is easily achievable. But to reach this stage, you must first be able to accept yourself, warts and all. Have the courage to change the things that you are able to change to make you a better person. But the things that you are unable to change must be recognized, then accepted before you can make changes to your life for the better.

Use visualization as your main tool. See the things in your life that you want to change and visualize how they will affect your life for the better. Then visualize your life once these changes have occurred. By doing this, you have planted the seeds of change that will blossom into an array of new opportunities. Be your own best friend and you will never have a shortage of admirers.

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