The Menopause Time: a stage in life when women catch-up with men

The menopause time is marked by the ending of the menstrual period for a woman and the end of her capacity to conceive and give birth. The menopause time usually occurs around the age of fifty. The range of age in which natural menopause can occur vary from around the age of 46 to 56. Some women will experience early menopause either from hormone insufficiency or surgical removal of the ovaries for medical reasons among others.

The menopause is also a time when women catch-up with men, for better or for worst!

First, by experiencing a drop in oestrogen and progesterone levels, women in their menopausal years lose these protective effects on heart and circulatory diseases. This fact in itself is a great excuse to do a complete physical check-up with one’s qualified physician for all women in their peri-menopause years.

Next, a woman going through the menopause time needs to re-evaluate her lifestyle in order to keep a healthy mind and body. A woman in menopause needs to eat a healthy diet, rich in calcium and low in fat. She also needs to incorporate regular exercising in her daily routine if she wants to reverse the odds for heart and circulatory problems.

Women in their menopausal years often will also catch-up with men in their career ambitions. Hence, since they do not need to provide care for their children who have moved out of the family nest, they have more time to forward their career. It is often seen that a woman in her peri-menopause gets great advancement in her company because she is committed to put the time and effort to accomplish her work in a very professional manner.

Women in their menopausal years need to be cautious about their unhealthy life habits and correct them. Hence, their risks of serious medical complications catch-up with the ones experienced by men if they keep such unhealthy habits as smoking or drinking alcohol in huge amounts.

A woman going through the menopause time can also become more assertive of her personal needs during menopause and realize that her needs are as important as her spouse. A calm and healthy discussion on the direction to take in life during this period is of major importance. Many women in their menopausal years will slowly take-off their care-providers role and will ask their spouse to see them as their equal. Men have to be ready to deal with their wife’s new found catch-up roles. Once the dialog is started, the relationship between a woman in her menopausal years and her spouse can be one of great maturity and very fulfilling.

Women experiencing the menopause time might also feel isolated, not sharing the same interests as their spouses. Rejoining with other women with common goals and interests can be a rewarding habit. Hence, by getting together with old friends who have already gone through menopause successfully, a woman can get great positive energy.

Support groups of women going through peri-menopause can also be a very interesting option. In the case of a woman who is either not comfortable or cannot go to such meetings, participating on internet forums especially dedicated to women in their menopausal years can be a very fulfilling experience.

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