All about Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

The most remarkable Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco was completed after more than four years of construction at the cost of $35 million. It is a visitor’s attraction well recognized around the world. Golden Gate Bridge opened to vehicular traffic on May 28, 1937 at twelve o’clock noon, ahead of schedule and under budge, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt pressed a wire key in the White House announcing the event.

Golden Gate Bridge design repeats an Art Deco Theme. Wide and vertical ribbing on the horizontal tower stimulating accents the sun’s light on this bridge. The tower, which support the Golden Gate Bridge’s suspension cables are same at the top that at the base, highlighting the tower height of 500 feet above the roadway.

The Marine Headlands side of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is an amazing place to take snaps such as July 4th fireworks photo and watch freighter and sailboats cruises under the bridge. You would take pleasure in viewing that stretches from Golden Gate Park and outstanding Twin Peaks to “The Bay Bridge” and beyond. Linking San Francisco with Marin County the Golden Gate Bridge is a 1.7 mile-long suspension bridge, which could be crossed by car, on bicycles or on foot.

The Golden Gate Bridge’s 4,200 foot long main delay period was a world record, which stood for about 27 years. The bridge’s two towers rise 746 feet creating them 191 feet taller than the Washington Monument. The five lane bridge crosses Golden Gate Strait that is also about 400 feet, or 130 meters, deep.

The Brooklyn Bridge took 54 years to complete earlier during 1883 and intended by wire rope copyright holder John A. Roebling, was the first well-known suspension bridge. It helped to define and put in fame to New York City in much the similar way, which the Golden Gate Bridge has for San Francisco.

After you view the snap of Golden Gate Bridge, you might desire to visit San Francisco city and take a real tour to Golden Gate Bridge. You can save money by booking your tickets online. Many tours sell out a week or more in advance, especially during the busy summer season, so be sure to book ahead.

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