Play at Work: Employment Options in the Golf Industry

If you love to putt, you can combine work and play by getting a job in the golf industry. While many people never consider this as a potential job market unless they qualify for the PGA, the truth is that this niche field hires many thousands of people each year. The United States has more than 18,000 golf courses. Golf instruction schools, golf publications, speciality retailers, and speciality television channels all provide additional work in the golf industry as well.

There are many types of jobs in the golf industry. Some of these jobs are entrepreneurial. If you have a desire to run a business, you can lease or own golf courses or act as a general manager or owner of a speciality resort or hotel. You can also create a very profitable business by starting a golf industry retail operation or by selling golf merchandise. There is a huge market in novelties, clothing, and other items that golfers need. Inventing, designing, and selling these products are all great options for start-ups.

If you play an excellent game, you may become involved in instruction, either by teaching the game or by producing information products about the game. You can work in television, write a column, create books, or sell audio or videotapes that help others play well. You can even become a golf coach or golf recruiter, helping individuals to improve their game or helping schools uncover golfing talent while earning a living yourself.

If these options do not appeal to you, you may be interested in the service aspect of the golf industry. You can take one of the superintendent, manager, or other positions available at resorts, hotels, and golf courses. You can become a sales representative or the manager of a golf product line. You can become an assistant to golf professionals. There are also jobs for those who would enjoy grooming or maintaining greens and equipment.

The good news, obviously, is that there are many options for employment in the golf industry. Plus, when you choose employment in this field, you enjoy lots of possibilities for promotion. Many managers go on to own their own resorts, for example, and many instructors successfully publish their own books or informational products. In this field, there are always many opportunities to move up. Of course, you can also enjoy a good salary and enjoy spending time on golf as well.

This wealth of choices can also be a stumbling block, though, especially if you are not sure which jobs might suit you best. Before you start job-hunting, you may want to take stock. Carefully consider your golfing and job experiences to see whether there is a type of employment that is especially appropriate to your skills. Consider, too, whether you are willing to work around something you love. If you enjoy playing golf every weekend, decide if you really enjoy working on or near the green each day. Take careful stock of your long-term goals and plans before you decide.

Consider getting in touch with some professionals in the golf industry to ask them about their jobs. This will give you a chance to see what employment in this field is like. Casual interviews may even lead to unexpected job leads. Interviews with professionals in the field to ask about the profession can be a powerful way to tap into the hidden job market.

Consider, also, that you may need additional training or education in order to get some types of golfing jobs. If you want to sell retail products, for example, it may not be enough that you love the game. You may need to train in the art of selling, as well. Many of the well paying managerial and ownership jobs may require some business training. If you want to work at a resort or hotel, you may need a certificate in the hospitality industry to even be considered for a position. Again, speaking to someone already in the golf industry can be your best way to determine what you need in order to be successful in this field. With a little effort and a little ingenuity, you should be able to combine your love of golf with your need for a job.

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