Biofriendly Corporation is reversing the trend on alarming U.N. global warming report

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is shortly due to release Climate Change 2007, a report in which 2,500 scientists from 130 countries indicate that the current potentially catastrophic trend towards global warming has been induced by, among other factors, the long-term use of fossil fuel. Fortunately, Los Angeles area-based Biofriendly Corporation has a product that contributes to reversing this trend.

“Global warming is a crisis which affects each and every one of us,” said Robert W. Carroll, Chairman and CEO of Biofriendly Corporation. “Fortunately, our Green Plus® liquid fuel catalyst can also assist each and every one of us to do something about it.”

Automobiles are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, and Green Plus was found in testing by California Environmental Engineering (CEE) to reduce emissions in light-duty vehicles by as much as 45.2%. The product has also been tested extensively and found to substantially reduce emissions in heavy-duty vehicles and marine vessels.

The product mixes fully into gasoline, diesel or other hydrocarbon-based fuel and substantially increases the amount of fuel actually burned. Environmentally harmful emissions result from hydrocarbon molecules within fuel forming into clusters and bundles, prohibiting oxygen from entering them and allowing them to fully burn. Green Plus slightly “unbundles” these clusters and complexes so that the molecules are more fully exposed to the oxygen, greatly increasing the quantity of fuel burned. The results are improved fuel efficiency, more power, a linear burning process that eliminates hot spots, and significantly reduced emissions.

Major metropolitan areas, concerned not only about global warming but also about their own air quality, are beginning to take notice and adopt the product. The city of Guzman, Mexico recently adopted Green Plus for all official vehicles, and Guadalajara, in the same state of Jalisco and Mexico’s second-largest city, has also committed with three other Mexican cities in the greater Guadalajara metropolitan area to utilize the product.

Biofriendly Corporation’s Green Plus liquid fuel catalyst is designed for use in diesel, gasoline, heavy fuel oil, coal and other hydrocarbon-based fuels. This patent-pending product was invented by the same innovators who created Vortoil, the award-winning oil-water separator for offshore oil production. For more information including extensive test results, please visit Biofriendly Corporation

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