Salmon Recipes

Salmon can be prepared in various styles. However, before you attempt to cook salmon it is essential that you actually know how to buy good, fresh salmon. Which type to buy will depend on your style of cooking. If you are planning to grill them, then buy them in fillets or steaks. For baking, get a whole fish, fillets or smaller portions, according to your needs, and for making fish patty cakes it is best to use canned salmon or fish in a pouch.

The following are some tips on what to look for when purchasing fresh salmon:

Fresh fish would appear to be shining, and the flesh would be elastic and firm.

The eyes should bulge a little and look clear, full and bright. do not buy them if They are cloudy or sunken, as This clearly indicates that the fish is not fresh.

The fish should have a Fresh, mild odor, not a strong, fishy, nauseating smell.

Refrigerate the fish immediately after purchase if you are not planning to cook It immediately.

Salmon can be savored in many ways, such as:

Baked – Caesar-style salmon salad; cheesy mustard fish pie; dressed salmon; Indian salmon kedgeree

Barbecued – tandoori salmon with mango salsa; Cajun-spiced salmon; honey lime salmon kebabs; regal teriyaki salmon skewers

Boiled – roast Shetland salmon, wilted spinach and a vermouth, tomato and chive sauce; fish stew; marinated salmon steak; salmon laksa with soba noodles

Char-grill – fruity salmon; confit of Shetland salmon with Savoy cabbage and orange and dill sauce; grilled sockeye salmon with tarragon butter

Chill – rich creamy salmon scrambled eggs; salmon mousse; salmon puff pie; chilled avocado soup with rafts of salar flaky smoked salmon

Fried – salmon and sweet corn cakes; seared Shetland salmon with walnuts and thyme; avruga salmon rosti; crispy seaside bites

Griddled – Mediterranean salmon with couscous; grilled salmon salad tostadas; Asian five spice salmon; salmon melt sandwich

Microwave – salmon and spinach pasta; microwaved pansize salmon

Poached – salmon, raspberry and cucumber and fusilli; seafood platter with aioli; poached king salmon fillet

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