How The HumVee Became The Hummer Of Today

The popular hummer vehicle manufactured by General Motors actually uses the design of the HumVee military vehicle. This vehicle was created to replace the old military jeeps of the US Army because it was getting obsolete in the sense that it cannot be adapted to the new requirements of the US Army today.

The need to traverse rough terrain easily simply cannot be done using the old style jeep. The new HumVee can easily do this using its wide suspension and stronger body. Of course, a bigger and better 4 wheel drive installed also helps a lot in making sure that the HumVee can indeed go anywhere on the face of the planet. Moreover, a deep water fording kit can also make the HumVee capable of fording a body of water up to 1.5 meters deep.

Today, there are more than 15 versions of this vehicle in the US Army alone. The HumVee army vehicle has become the standard cargo carrier, troop carrier, ambulance, automatic weapons platform, missile carrier and surface to air missile platform of the US Army.

It has become so popular that people are familiar with it without even having seen a real one. You can see HumVees in the news, in your pc games and in toy models. HumVee has indeed become the standard vehicle of the US Army.

The HumVee also has its civilian counterpart called Hummer. This vehicle is manufactured by General Motors and has become one of the popular vehicles in the market today.

The hummer is a vehicle derived from the HumVee design but on a smaller scale with components added for both comfort and style.

Today, there are several models of this vehicle being sold as a midsized sport utility truck or a sport utility vehicle. They are generally used by people requiring a rugged and off the road vehicle for their line of work. Some people also prefer them because of the image or the size of the vehicle.

Popular versions of these vehicle are the Hummer 1, which was the original design, the Hummer two, which was a smaller version of Hummer h1 and is considered as an efficient multipurpose vehicle, Hummer h2 sport utility truck which is a pickup truck version of the standard h2 vehicle and the hummer h3, which is even smaller than its two precedents and is being marketed as a mid sized sports utility vehicle.

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