Menopausal Anxiety: fiction or reality

Menopausal anxiety is a relatively common problem and needs to be addressed early to avoid letting the situation getting out of proportion. Many causes can be attributed to menopausal anxiety. The fact that a woman going through menopause experiences an important hormone imbalance and a relative progesterone insufficiency can be one. Another cause of menopause anxiety can be attributed to the fact that in general the sleep quality is lowered during the peri-menopause years. Many women suffering from menopausal anxiety report having regular insomnia.

Menopausal anxiety can also be the reflection of a pre-existing anxious disorder that has been aggravated by this transition phase in a woman’s live. Any woman suffering from incapacitating menopause anxiety should consult the appropriate caregivers for diagnosis and help.

Menopausal anxiety is often felt by women as a shameful condition and can then get self-generated after a while. Hence, a woman feeling menopausal anxiety might be less productive and therefore feel more anxiety and self-depreciation thus creating her more menopause anxiety. When a woman feels like she is stuck in a loophole of anxiety during her peri menopause years, she should seek out help to improve her condition.

During pre-menopause and menopause many women might feel anxiety due to their financial situation if it is not optimal. Hence, a woman might feel menopausal anxiety from not knowing if she can provide for herself or if she can rely on a meager pension plan to live without having to ask for other people’s financial support. Sitting down with a skilled accountant can greatly help on that matter.

The fact that the menopause years usually correspond to the children leaving the family nest can also increase menopausal anxiety. A woman might find herself unable to sleep at night wondering if her children are safe and doing fine on their own. Keeping a good and non-controlling communication with her children who are living on their own might help a woman diminish her menopausal anxiety level. Getting together with her children once a week or once a month can be very reassuring for a woman in menopause.

One has to be reassured that menopausal anxiety to a certain level is a common problem. It is when the anxiety prevents the woman in peri-menopause from doing her regular activities that help needs to be given. A skilled psychotherapist or a family doctor can greatly help in this matter.

On the other hand, for most women, menopausal anxiety is more perceived as just a small annoyance. Most women in menopause report that they can easily cope with the little rise of their anxiety level. Taking classes such as yoga, relaxation or meditation or taking on a relaxing hobby are just a few of the solutions many women in menopause have found to lower their level of menopausal anxiety.

Exchanging tricks and tips to deal with menopausal anxiety with other women who are also going through this phase can bring a positive and fulfilling sense to a woman. Getting together with friends will often prove to be the only thing a woman needs to lessen her menopausal anxiety.

There are many support groups in the community to help cope with menopausal anxiety. A woman can also decide to form her own support group if there are none in her community. Another practical solution is to join an internet forum and chat with women also experiencing menopausal anxiety.

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