Using Free Article Directories To Gain 1000`s Of One Way Links

If you have a website and are marketing something and want to drive hordes of traffic to your sites, than the article directories can help you do just that.

It`s kind of funny, how marketers are always searching, for the perfect advertising solution and spending fortunes, on this product or that service, to see traffic come to their websites, with little or no luck.

When all along, there is a growing number of free directories, that want your articles. They need your articles to survive and are one of the best places, to get your websites indexed by the search engines.

Let me give you a run down, on the benefits of joining, as many free article directoires as you can and writting and submitting articles on a regular basis.

First of all, the free article directories will help you build name recognition for yourself and your websites. As visitors read your articles, they will view you as an expert in your field.

The Second benefit of submitting your articles is: that directories usually have, a large amount of traffic visiting on a daily basis. This means added exposure and visitors to your websites as well.

The third benefit of using the free article directories is: that as other webmasters scour over the articles and decide to use your article on their website, you get an instant one way link to your website in your authors resource box.

One way links, are what the search engines like to see. It`s not unheard of, to gain 1000 one way links to your website, from a single, well written article.

I can tell you personally, that I have recieved 1000`s of links from simply submitting one informative article. This type of marketing is totally viral.

One webmaster picks up your article, than another does, and another after that. And it won`t stop there. Your article will be in those directories for years. And you will gain backlinks on auto pilot.

The fourth benefit of using these article resources is: Most directories have high page ranks in google. This is also another high pr link that you get for free.

The fact, that there are so many directories online means, that you will gain alot of links, from the directories alone. If you are smart, you will use an automated submission service. Your articles will be distributed to hundreds if not thousands of directories.

The whole name of the game to generating traffic, is to have thousands of links pointing to your website.

The best part is that writing articles is easy. Just pinpoint a topic and start typing.

Just think, of how much free traffic, that article directories can help you generate to your websites. And more traffic means more sales, more subscribers and less work on your part at marketing your website.

I have tried, so many kinds of marketing techniques and article submission, is by far the best!It`s pretty cool, when you run a backlink check on your website and see your link, spread out, all over the internet, from simply using a free online resource.

If you are not using free article directories, as your main form of marketing and link building, than you are losing out on earning alot of money with your websites.

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