How to Hunt Backlinks Efficiently

Backlinks popularity has become so ‘popular’ – for lack of a better word – online lately. The more backlinks one has from similarly themed websites, the more the search engines tend to favor them in the search engine rankings.

So how do you develop the links that help you develop strong link popularity?

1) Exchange links with other web masters. There are plenty of web masters online, many in your niche or market area, who would love to exchange links with you, just as you want to exchange links with them.

So how do you do it? Type in your keyword to the search engines, and send a letter to each of the top-fifty web masters for that keyword. Many of them will ignore your email, others will respond favorably.

One warning: place your links on links page containing no more than 20 links each, and link to that page from your main page. NEVER put your links on your main page – you will bleed away too much of your search engine rankings when they come from your main page.

Second warning: Web sites to which you link that have a Google pagerank of 0 can negatively impact you, so it is critical that you check the pr of your outbound links periodically, or especially if your search engine rankings fall.

2) Submit your web site to web directories online. There are several lists online of up to 500 web directories; sort them by pagerank and submit to the top 100.

3) Write articles, put text anchor links in the articles, linking back to your web pages, and submit them to them top 100 web directories online. Again, there are lists of up to 900 online; sort them according to pagerank; helpful hint: there are about 120 with pagerank of at least 4.

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