Pregnancy Labor: Which Method is Right for You?

Pregnancy labor is the most critical, challenging, and stressful time in the entire pregnancy. That being said, women are finding they have more birthing options available than ever before. Three of these include the water birthing method, the Bradley Method, and the Lamaze Method. Read below for the benefits to each of these methods.

Water Birthing

Water birth occurs when the mother chooses to give birth in a warm pool of water, either in a tub or a birthing pool. There are several benefits to choosing the water birthing method. For the mother, water birthing provides a more calming, relieving and peaceful place for the mother.

In addition, there is reason to believe that the water helps decrease high blood pressure that can be created by anxiety and worry. Buoyancy also aids in pregnancy labor. It is easier for the mother to move in the buoyant water and can help with circulation, lesson the pain, and help the mother with contractions that are more productive.

The Bradley Method

The Bradley Method is also known as the “Husband-Coached Method.” The purpose of the Bradley Method is to involve a coach, typically the father or a significant other, in the child birthing process. The Bradley Method typically does not involve medication. Classes focus on good nutrition, the stages of pregnancy labor, how to prepare for the new baby, nutrition, and breastfeeding issues. In addition to focusing on mother and child, the Bradley Method also focuses on fully training the labor coach.

The Lamaze Method

The Lamaze Method is perhaps the most widely known method of childbirth and childbirth classes in the United States. The goal of Lamaze is to keep the mother relaxed and focused on breathing. Like the Bradley Method, the Lamaze Method often involves a partner, who is taught how to coach and massage the mother into relaxation. The Lamaze Method integrates medication when the mother chooses it. However, this method does provide the mother with the pros and cons of using medication in pregnancy labor.

Fortunately, we live in a day and age where information is available to us literally at our fingertips. Medical information, practical advice, and non-medical information is available to us through resources such as our doctors, the internet, and support groups.


The water birthing method, the Bradley Method, and the Lamaze Method are only three of the popular methods of pregnancy labor childbirth. The right choice for you is going to depend on the pregnancy you experienced, your current state of health, and what you are comfortable with. Discuss with a doctor each of these options before making a decision.

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