Acid rain: how can we reverse its effects

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken a position on acid rain. Their primary goal is to make changes to current rules and laws to resolve the issue of acid rain. Three environmentalists made national news by climbing to the top of a smoke stack in order to draw attention to the negligence of manufacturers in making the necessary changes to reduce acid rain.

Acid rain pollution is a problem that affects everyone. It affects earth and water and all the animals and plants which live on them. If man neglects and minimizes the threat of acid rain, his children and the following generations will have a bigger problem to deal with. New laws are created to control and hopefully reverse the effects of acid rain. The long term benefits of such laws will show if they justify their cost.

Governments are working in concert with manufacturers to reduce the emission levels of pollutants causing acid rain. On the other hand, there are many small steps individuals can do to help reduce the sulfur and nitrogen oxide in the air. Conserving energy is the biggest contribution every person can do. The amount of acid rain can be greatly reduced by such simple actions like lowering one’s electricity consummation switching to other energy sources. More frequent use of public transportation or carpooling will also reduce the pollutants in the air.

The effects of acid rain are felt worldwide. Acid rain is mainly created by the combination of sulfur and oxide mixing with moisture for the sky. These pollutants are created into the air by fossil fuels, vehicle emissions, and factory exhaust. Acid rain is considered one of the biggest environmental problems faced by the world today.

Acid rain is also acid deposits resulting from sulfurs and oxides mixing with drops of rain or snow, and then dropping to the ground or rivers. Winds are also carriers of acid in the air, in a drier form. The effects of acid rain are dangerous because they are seen on water supplies, the environment, wildlife, and plant life. Acid rain will only be controlled by a global agreement and re-enforcement of laws to protect the environment. Everyone has a role to play in reducing acid rain and daily small gestures will amount to tangible results. One has also to participate in environmental debates and forums and pressure their existing government to take a strong stand on the acid rain issue.

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