Symptoms of the most common leukemia type

Leukemia is a disease that affects mostly adults. Children can have leukemia as well, but the number is lower than ten percent of all leukemia patients. There are many different types of leukemia, but the most common of them is acute myelogenous. This leukemia type has many names, like acute meloid, acute granulocytic and many others, all referring to the same leukemia type.

This disease has a few signs and symptoms which make it easier to diagnose. The reason symptoms occur in leukemia cases is because your body has a small number of blood cells which are healthy and many leukemia cells. There are more than four leukemia symptoms, but these are the most common ones. All these leukemia symptoms are cause either by a small number of ” good ” cells in your body or by a large number of bad ones. Here are some leukemia symptoms and their cause:
– fever and infections are some of the most frequent signs of leukemia; this happens because when suffering from this disease, the number of your blood cells, the white ones is very low; what this cells do is fight infections; when their number is less then it should be, the result are those leukemia symptoms;
– anemia, shortness of breath, feeling very tired and weak are also signs for leukemia; this time, the low number of red cells is to blame; these cells have the role of carrying oxygen throughout your entire body;
– bleeding, bruising and red spots under your skin can also indicate that you suffer from leukemia; platelets are the cells that control bleeding; when having leukemia, their number is very small, thus these symptoms;
– pain in your bones or your joints are other leukemia signs; these are cause by the big number of leukemia cells that you have in your body;

Besides all these symptoms a person that suffers from leukemia will feel generally tired. Other symptoms may occur as well if you have leukemia, but these are the most common ones.

To diagnose leukemia by these symptoms alone can not be done. Doctors must take bone marrow and blood samples and see how high the number of leukemia cells is. What leukemia symptoms do is worn a person that he/ she might suffer from this disease. To proper diagnose leukemia, test must be done. Furthermore, doctors also have to see if this disease has spread outside your bone marrow and blood. All those factors are taken into consideration when choosing the right leukemia treatment.

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