History of Neckties

Neckties are an essential component of the modern man’s formal attire. So much so that it is unthinkable to be without them on an interview or other formal occasions. This clothing accessory has even become fashionable with designer ties, printed ties, and ties customized for institutions. The history of neckties goes back a century ago, perhaps to France where it was used my a portion of the military and liked by the king.

The custom seems to have begun with the Croatian portion of the French army wearing a ‘cravate’ while coming back after defeating the Turks. The ‘cravate’ itself could have been a gift to a soldier from his wife that caught on with others. The French world for a necktie is still related to this word and they call it by the same name.

The custom of wearing a cravate seems to have spread to England through the English king who was in exile. Various institutions like adopted it as an identifying feature of their members.

The 19th century saw the evolution of the cravate or scarf into the shape we are familiar with today.

Various institutions like clubs, military regiments, schools and universities used patterned ties to indicate membership in 19th century England.

The custom then spread from England to the rest of the world, particularly New England. Today people from all walks of life in most countries wear neckties in the English fashion with suits and formal shirts. The very word ‘formal’ seems to have become synonymous with wearing a tie.

Like so many other discoveries and inventions, we owe the origin of the necktie to the army life. It is interesting to consider this fact – how various inventions and discoveries ( Internet too ) first started within the army and war environment and soon found civilian applications. If the world is a stage, the play that perpetually goes on is surely war.

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